Format: 12''   Multicoloured 12" vinyl + Download Code

Label: Mai Lei Bel   Cat: MAI7

Cat: MAI7

Release date: 30/03/2021


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TRW “33”

Tommie Robin Wiese (1988 – 2020) was a composer and a producer from Rotterdam, Netherlands. He was a great guy, a nice man, a perfect friend.

From an early age, Tommie was engaged with spirituality, art and music. Throughout his life, he sought to deepen his knowledge and awareness. His music is a manifestation of his daily research of the musical, spiritual and human plane.

He was able to find beauty and meaning in any kind of music genre. Collaborating with different people on different projects, he touched upon various styles and genres such as rock/pop – playing a bass guitar in a rock band – as well as he was an avid listener of hip hop, house, techno, experimental electronic and ambient music.

In his own music, he found it difficult to choose one style to express himself through. Constantly thirsty for more and in search of perfection, he was looking for a way to consolidate his knowledge of life, music and spirituality into his music pieces.

Tommie had a passion for modular synthesizers which he loved to collect and experiment with and was continuously busy studying a topic or improving his skills on new instruments and gear. He’d be creating music all night till early morning which didn’t always make it easy for him to finish a track to his own satisfaction.
However, with his most recent productions, he started to get more in touch with himself and with what he wanted to express. He found that the depth and healing properties of music, especially hypnotic electronic music, deeply resonated with his soul.

As a person, Tommie was an excellent listener and could discuss any topic you could think of with an open mind, an ability that reflected on his approach to music too. One of his biggest artistic inspirations was the visual artist Alex Grey. What Grey did with painting, Tommie was trying to do in his life and music, showing us there is more than one layer in everything.

Sadly, Tommie left us very early and very unexpectedly in March 2020…

Thanks to his family and close friends, Mai Lei Bel is able to deliver Tommie’s posthumous EP titled “33” releasing under the moniker TRW (Tommie Robin Wiese).
A six tracks collection of melancholic IDM & electronica in combination with atmospheric techno & experimental.

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