47 Ronin EP

Format: 12''   

Label: Koryu Budo Records   Cat: KORYU007

Cat: KORYU007

Release date: 27/11/2020



We are back on wax again with a very special release. It means a great pleasure for us to have one of the pivotal figures of the Madrid underground techno scene on board, Herr Unkle Fon.

Some years ago, Madrid clubscene was formed by conventional clubs in conventional locations with conventional opening and closing times and usually, conventional programming. Manuel Cano then founded Utopía Secret Society and things changed forever for the city’s underground nightlife.

Now as you may have noticed there is no club scene at all, neither conventional nor illegal, sign of the times.

Musically speaking, Manuel started as a guitarist and soon evolved into studio engineer, label owner, club promoter, record shop owner, social agitator … and adventurous character that reflects in his productions all his knowledge of the dancefloor.

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