99% Fiel

Format: Cassette   

Label: Fill-lex Records   Cat: FLCS-04

Cat: FLCS-04

Release date: 27/07/2020


Hay existencias

Thissperso is an Argntinian producer from Buenos Aires, currently based in Barcelona. Since the begining, he is part of the 63 crew.His music has gone from ebm to club music, always expressing kind of anxiety. He calls it visceral vomit.
Since the first track might very well express the album tone, beetween sadness, anger and anxiety. From ebm to kinda club music, the album might bring you somewhere where hope has no place to be. Where death is inevitable and witnessing is the only thing to do.

Yozy is a DJ and producer from Uruguay, now based in Barcelona. Constantly looking for sweet melodies and hard percussions. In this his first release, in physical format, his music is characterized by an amazing expressiveness, and an exceptional forcefulness. Her development in the tracks makes it unthinkable that this artist remains anonymous for a long time.

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