A Hundred Years Without You

Format: 12''   

Label: Veyl   Cat: VEYL018

Label: Veyl

Cat: VEYL018

Release date: 10/09/2020


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This record is about absence. Absence of change, of better days, of delights and pleasures that are still to be invented. Longing for better times, missing something that hasn’t happened yet but needs to come, being nostalgic of the future like a cold empty bed longs for warm bodies. Cause the present is resisting, holding on to the comfortable violence of the status quo, closing the castle’s gates ; trying to keep its land, its power and its crown. We can already feel the breeze of the unknown, the urge of better times slowly unfolding, the flames getting stronger.But we’re not there yet. The road will be long and exhausting. I feel like I have been waiting for you in this cold empty bed for a hundred years already and I can’t wait to set it on fire.

Known for his dilapidated vocal electronica and releases on Jealous God, Blackest Ever Black and L.I.E.S., December returns to Veyl with ‘A Hundred Years Without You’, out on September 28th, 2020.

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