A Present From my Plant

Format: 12''   

Label: Proper Line   Cat: PRL001

Cat: PRL001

Release date: 22/11/2018



Uncrat kick-starts its activity with “A present from my plant EP”. An impressive solo release crafted by Donato himself.

The EP is driven by the mix of organic atmospheres and metal percussion. Recognizable inside, some adverbial locutions and verses, typical of human beings.

The combination of voices and waning melodies that seem to come from an existence far from our present.
The whole ep is meant for the dancefloor, melodic, lunatic and emotional.

it’s imbued with a sense of melancholy and carefree at the same time, using sounds, which are found somewhere in the last years of the last century. The sense of darkness is around the corner but is cleverly stifled by evocativ pads and voice notes, not all.

The acid squelching treatment given by Uncrat will leave the listener with a good rusty taste and the thirst for more.

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