Aborto Obligatorio

Format: 12''   

Label: NNY Records   Cat: NNY005

Cat: NNY005

Release date: 20/12/2020



Argentinian producer Thissperso has been living in Barcelona for a good season while producing music that reflects what he experiences in his day to day life. His productions are harsh and violent, but they have a quality and energy that makes them contagious and addictive. This work, edited by NNY Records, compiles some old songs that have been revisited and remastered, which coexist with new compositions that continue to explore the most visceral and dark side of electronics; a taste that he shares with some other producers like Dim Deck or Sabotaje, who collaborate on a couple of songs.

This is the work of a producer who is not tied to any style and who enjoys watching dance floors fly through the air when one of his songs is played. Producers like Parris Smith have already been able to verify it in the first person with a couple of songs from this new EP in which we find Electro mixed with Industrial, EBM, Acid and a punk and nonconformist attitude that fits perfectly in the times that we have to do live and in a record label like ours.

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