Abraxas - Dancing as an act of rebellion

Format: 2x12''   Black

Label: Soil Records   Cat: SOIL020

Cat: SOIL020

Release date: 01/12/2022


Hay existencias

Dancing as an act of rebellion” is the first Abraxas LP in collaboration with the Valencian label Soil Records. A compilation of the first project recordings released between 2020 and 2021 plus some new tracks and, in addition to this, a second disc by other darkwave electronic artists remixing the first one: Geistform, We Are Not Brothers, Ober Dada, Melting Dogmas, SMforma, HBK1, José Rodríguez, SOJ and PanDemian.

This album deals with so important and controversial topics such as anti-capitalism; ecologism, climate change, collapse and humans as a virus; sexism, misoginy, femicide, and heteropatriarchy; homeland and nation concept; working-class, class war and revolution; disinformation, misinformation, post-true and fake News; the scourge of religion or the Decay of Western civilization.

Abraxas is a halfway project between dark dance electronic music, philosophical reflection, socio-political activism and musical entrepreneurship. Its main goal is to shake bodies and minds by spreading messages of individual and social self-criticism from the point of view of duality, extremes and contradiction, inherent to the human being and capitalist society.

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