Format: 12''   Multicoloured vinyl / Insert / Sticker

Label: Mai Lei Bel   Cat: MAI6

Cat: MAI6

Release date: 26/02/2021


Hay existencias

“Throughout years of learning and experimenting with various approaches to music-making I developed a strong passion for sound synthesis and design, the practice of which enables me to get lost in my own soundscapes, textures and atmospheres,” Adam Mészáros says – composer & producer from Bratislava, Slovakia, the only person behind the Absorver project.

After releasing two digi only EPs – self-released “Attribution” and Kaiseki Digital release “Obstinate Light”, he joined Mai Lei Bel in the spring of 2020. 

His debut for the label, 7-tracks EP “Absorvations”, is showing Adam’s melancholic nature in combination with ethereal downtempo electronica at its best.

Thematically the EP attempts to portray an inevitable cycle of feelings. From a cold harsh unknown (Raureif), from where you wish to return, followed by a journey through glances of hope and relief as you approach familiar territory (Thaw) into a brief moment of comfort (Soils), which is soon replaced by everyday annoyances and uncertainties before finally regressing once again as all which made you leave or yearn for a change in the first place reemerges in unbearable cacophony and you want all of it to just freeze … until you need it again (Tumult).

Musically the overall atmosphere of each segment is conjured by distorted, glitchy instrumentation, minimal repetitive melodies, beats and samples with tape-like lo-fi processing. Synths, saxophones, warped guitars, unintelligible vocal samples, ambient textures, experimental randomizations.

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