Acid Creak

Format: 12''   

Label: Diki Belgium   Cat: X-STREAM002

Cat: X-STREAM002

Release date: 15/07/2020



Repress of a much sought after Belgian retro techno classic from 1994. Spokesman was comprised of Andy Bostyn and Luc Devriese, who had only one other release in 1996, but no doubt they’ll be remembered for DJ Pierre’s strobed-out remix of “Acid Creak” which still retains the zeitgeist of early ’90s techno, while the completely mental bang and clatter of D.J.H.S.’s rework is the kind of sonic mayhem you could have heard at one of Richie Hawtin’s Packard Plant parties in Detroit back in the day. It then goes out all guns blazing on the psychotic squawk and squelch of “Skittish Sky”.

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