Acid Life

Format: 12''   

Label: Killekill House Trax   Cat: KHT008

Cat: KHT008

Release date: 01/05/2017



KHT 008 is coming from no less than the man who is called “The Prince of Techno” by his peers.
And that is for a reason: Blake was part of the first wave of Detroit techno artists and dis and contributed to the techno movement from the mid 80s. Tracks like “When a dream becomes U” or “Our love” are milestones of electronic music, his style, which he calls “Poetry and Rhythm” is distinctive.
For Killekill House Trax he delivers the Acid Life EP which comes along with two strong, acid driven tracks, the A-side darker and more chicago-oriented with its rhythmical focus and the punchy kick, the B-side more Detroit-ish with its uplifting chords.

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