Format: 12''   

Label: Nexe Records   Cat: NEXE006

Cat: NEXE006

Release date: 08/06/2020


Hay existencias

Lucindo signs the 6th release on Nexe Records with a 6 tracks EP which includes also a superb Umwelt remix. In this release, the Italo-Brazilian Berlin based artist explores two sides of his exquisite multiface production capabilities range. The first side consists of unconcealed thumpy techno, and the second one, leaning towards high class electro.
“Act_99” is a beat-less intro track to begin with an intense noisy drone which act as prelude of “Act_2000”, a mental, straight and driving tune. “Act_186” is closing the A side, an epic and melancholic broken techno, delicious for advanced dance-floors.
B side continues with a fascinating, melodic, electro track named “AG6”, which is the track remixed by Umwelt who developes his magic and elevates the original to a new highs. The punk “AG4” is the last track of this release, delivering a faster beat, providing a dark, refined electro touch. Definitely a marvelous piece of art ought to be on the bag of any precious vinyl collector.

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