Format: 12''   

Label: Grifeé   Cat: GRFF001

Label: Grifeé

Cat: GRFF001

Release date: 23/03/2020



Griffé is a new label curated by Chat Noir that focuses on dark and powerfull sounds. Between Electro, Rave, Techno and Acid, this release is a blend of very effective dancefloor weapons.

Paris based, Corsican producer Charlou takes control of the A-side with Mercenary and the complicity of Steve Marie on the track X-Station. The OPAQ Records co-founders deliver two tracks that brings immediatly the heat & madness of a rave anywhere it’s played !
The B-Side welcome Botwin, a very talented new comer based in Lyon for his first vinyl release.Through 3 tracks he showcases his production skills with a powerfull vibe and infectious grooves that can remind the golden « rave era » of the 90’s.

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