Format: 12''   

Label: Moustache Records   Cat: MST038

Cat: MST038

Release date: 11/12/2018



Rise black – Agressor EP Moustache Records 038 delivers us 5 tracks from the dark side of Spain! The first is named: “Black snake” this is a dark pumping electro track with 808 snares topped off with some evil voices and other trippy scapes.The A2 track: “Jack in the box” is where the true mental madness starts, a drum minimal groove electrobass track that could go on forever and ever till the loony house. On the flip side B1 “Sulf?rico” deadly acid electro for the retards. B2 Mythos is the sound from Sparta Greece 100 v.c. Distorted kicks and snare drums that could deliver you a bloodnose. The last EP track is the title track of the EP called: “Agressor” this song is a story about the sheeps of Satan, very raw noisy percussion drum sounds, space bleebs and other aggressive electro sounds. Let the magic and madness begin… Welcome to the Moustache Records family. Rise Black is rising..

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