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Label: Arido Records   Cat: ARDCLTD001


Release date: 30/12/2020


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The Atacama Large Millimeter / submillimeter Array (ALMA), is the largest astronomical project in the world. It is a revolutionary interferometer that comprises a set of 66 antennas (also called antennas: reflectors or radio telescopes when it is a single antenna) of seven and twelve meters in diameter, designed to observe millimeter and sub-millimeter wavelengths. The project was built on the Chajnantor plain, at an altitude of 5058.7 meters, in the Atacama desert in northern Chile.

ALMA Sounds is an initiative that seeks to interpret and decode the frequencies of the Universe transforming them into sounds, so that filmmakers from all over the world can compose, share and create a community united by a search that has captivated humans for thousands of years.

Árido Records presents the first Various Artists on the plate, a material that will feature leading producers from Latin America and who agreed to transform the sounds captured into music, which will be forwarded and merged with the cosmos.

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