An Angel In Alliance With Falsehood

Format: Cassette   

Label: Amek   Cat: AMEK038

Label: Amek

Cat: AMEK038

Release date: 28/10/2019


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An Angel In Alliance With Falsehood” is Valance Drakes’ return to Amek, this time with a rare full-length solo release. Through multi-layered textures, meticulous sound design and breathing rhythmic structures he’s crafted one of the most personal offerings in his ever-evolving discography. Sourced from an array of sonic realms, including recordings from his visits to Sofia, Bulgaria, the album carries an autobiographical sincerity.

“An Angel In Alliance With Falsehood” consists of ten touching pieces about trust, honesty and belief but about deceit, muted anger and hurt. With the same ease Valance Drakes is transforming sounds, he’s managed to reshape this plethora of polar feelings into beautiful and overwhelming sense of hope.

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