Format: 12''   

Label: Cogo Records   Cat: COGO001

Cat: COGO001

Release date: 20/01/2020


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Signed by the Cogo protagonist Tonske, Anatman is a work of depth, intensity and a great attention to detail. Defined as well-formed, knowledgeable character with a strong artistic and technical background, Tonske produced a powerful, future oriented techno with atmospheric inserts.

The release is also rounded with two remixes by well known techno pillars.

Most known for his work in the famous Cassegrain project, Magna Pia is a composer, producer and a DJ whos combative dance floor trips are ripping through underground scene for some time now. He left his mark on variety of labels such as Infrastructure NY, Prologue, Killekill, Ostgut Ton, Counterchange and Semantica. His interest in combining contemporary techno music with archaic symbolism and unorthodox sonic nmoods with subtle 90s techno references is making him a true gem of the scene today. Co-founder of the infamous Traum nights in Croatia and Secession label boss, Volster is also a well established protagonist in techno circles. Somewhat mysterious, this broad but no nonsense techno artist is most known for his hypnotic, spiral and somewhat detroit sound which earned him an impressive list of feedback till this day. After two decades of continuous work and dedication, he is pawing his mark further with collaborations with names like Cassegrain, Aubrey and Anthony Linell and gigs from Croatia to the rest of the Europe, most notably the latest one in Berghain.

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