Format: CD   

Label: Black verb Records   Cat: BVRNONE2


Release date: 01/04/2017


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Finally here is the new delivery from the german shoegaze sensation Bleib Modern !

After relentlessly touring around Europe the past couple of years, they took a break in Berlin to lay down what was to become their most mature and fascinating record so far, Antagonism.

A true sonic assault at the service of a bleak sensibility. Amongst the expected throbbing shoegaze hymns, a craft that they have been perfecting since their debut, you will be surprised to find two accoustic based songs, revealing a new side of Bleib Modern. By shaping a new and more solar sound, the band shows themselves ready to take over a new and wider audience.

Bleib Modern finally got to open their wings (but got burnt aiming at the sun).

Recorded by Bleib Modern between December 2017 & January 2017 at Black Verb Records Studio (Coburg & Berlin).

Limited edition of 1000 copies.
Comes in a 6-panel Digipak with a transparent tray on the middle panel; no booklet, no lyrics.
Track durations do not appear on the release, they are measured by a computer.

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