Antikhrist Visions Vol. I

Format: 12''   

Label: Industrias Mekanikas   Cat: INDMEK-003

Cat: INDMEK-003

Release date: 19/02/2020


Hay existencias

The third reference of the Madrid based Label has just come out of the oven, hand in hand with its capo, RUBEN MONTESCO, consolidating itself as one of the most solid offers in terms of industrial music, elektro and techno, oriented to the dance floor.

It contains six cuts with the forcefulness and intensity to which we are accustomed. We can say that as for quality and variety, the third reference of INDUSTRIAS MEKANIKAS is a round disc.

A1. This Madrid duo signs a part-time cut, with a superimposition of obsessive and disturbing layers.
A2. Cutting of acid track, giving several turns of nut to the 303.
A3. From the north, this cut comes with epic reminiscences..
B1. Contundent elektro is the appropriate adjective for this cut signed by RM
B2. Rework on a cut by one of the most active producers of the current underground scene. Pure dance.
B3. A clear example of industrial designed for the dance floor.

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