Antikhrist Visions Vol. II

Format: 12''   

Label: Industrias Mekanikas   Cat: INDMEK-004

Cat: INDMEK-004

Release date: 01/06/2020


Hay existencias

The next reference of INDUSTRIAS MEKANIKAS, comes again in V.A. format, a series of compilations under the name ANTIKHRIST VISIONS, which includes already consolidated artists of the scene, together with other more noble artists.

This new delivery, continues faithful to its spirit, and comes loaded with six tracks, full of darkness and forcefulness, which undoubtedly will shatter the dance floor of any club.

Rhythms loaded with broken bases, strong basses, acid lines and devilish atmospheres that invite imnotism. A balanced mix with styles ranging from Electro Techno, or, Industrial Techno to EBM passing the Electro.

In this occasion, all presented in a Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl 180gm

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