Army Of Robots

Format: 12''   

Label: Radio Mars   Cat: RM004

Label: Radio Mars

Cat: RM004

Release date: 06/01/2019


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After a musical break of ten years, Franck Sarrio celebrates his great return on RADIO MARS with four original tracks half way between Electro and Techno genres. For his new EP on French label, hopefully the second of a long series, the Clermont-Ferrand based artist delivers a funky and cosmic trip of his typical trademark. Alternating between cerebral and epic dance floor cuts of pure anthology, “Army Of Robots” deploys an impressive musical weaponry whose crystal clear and robotic sound will not leave you indifferent.
Having made his first Dark-wave and industrial steps on mythic Bunker imprint in 2003, then inaugurated with “Secret Industry” the first outing of his own FSS label in 2005, Franck returns today to an powerful electro tinted with Detroit influences (Dopplereffekt, Aux 88, Cybotron). The author of essential “Robotic Invasion EP” on RADIO MARS in 2008 also appeared on various compilations including “SOM compilation” and “SOM compilation 5” from the mighty Solar One Music run by Nico Jagiella along with Robert Witschakowski aka The Exaltics.
Traveling without moving, at the speed of thought !!!

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