Así en Ummo Como en la Tierra

Format: 10''   

Label: Tormo Records   Cat: TRM002

Cat: TRM002

Release date: 19/05/2020


Hay existencias

The 80s. A young man from Madrid with schizophrenia lives locked up in his house and is secretly in love with his neighbor. His obsession with the Ummo case will lead him to believe that he is himself an envoy of the Ummitas whose mission is to gather information by consuming human beings. ‘AS WELL AS ON EARTH’ is the story of a mentally ill person who ends up in a heinous suicide. Narrated in the first person by his new identity, Satan UMMO, we will access his ultraviolent fantasy, where kidnapping, murder and cannibalism will be the only way he has to return to his home planet.

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