Azteka Tekno

Format: 12''   

Label: Manhigh   Cat: MANHIGH008

Label: Manhigh


Release date: 22/06/2020



Introducing new sounds into the continuing MANHIGH project with Azteka Tekno, emerging Moscow producer Ober Dada finds rare power with his refined combinations of EBM and techno. Fusing concepts from Dadaist, Futurist, and Suprematist art with vocal guests from the Krasnodar Opera on ‘Tomorrow No’ and ‘Erdefalt’, the sophistication of his vision is immediately apparent in the arrangements and structures. With lyrics sourced from World War I-era apocalyptic poetry and a forthcoming opera from the artist, these two efforts show uncommon complexity in their running times, with layers of vocals and melodies trading off in sections with punishing rhythms that move between lashing breakbeats and straighter 4/4 sections. The comparably straightforward title track prominently features the producer’s own snarling vocal refrain, repeated through heavy distortion over pounding kicks and wayward electronics, while a contrasting melodic sequence enters from the breakdown for needed relief. Again featuring Ober Dada’s voice, ‘Hey’ foregrounds its wandering keyboard line for a comparatively restrained but still intense study on the styles found across the record.

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