Back To Basics

Format: 12''   

Label: Detroit Classic Gallery   Cat: DGC001

Cat: DGC001

Release date: 25/05/2020


Hay existencias

“Back to Basics EP” is the first vinyl release of E110101 and a starting point for the Detroit Classic Gallery. The title chosen by the Argentine duo works in response to a sonorous disagreement that both share in the direction that Techno music seems to be being directed currently. Thanks to this, they have gained the support of two fantastic artists: Orlando Voorn, undisputed nexus between Detroit – Holland and Santiago Salazar, musician, producer and fundamental part of “Los Hermanos” & “Galaxy 2 Galaxy”, from Underground Resistance.

“000056” is the dawn of this launch, illuminates a new positive road with warm tones, which delimits the outline of large buildings in Detroit. A hopeful look translates into music through harmony, melody and rhythm, fundamental characteristics of this composition. “000056 Orlando Voorn” captures the essence of the sun and places it directly on the dance floor.

“000052” shows the versatility of which E110101 is capable to. The dark side of the moon, the other side of the coin, are only adjectives that promise to describe an easily perceived aggressiveness. “000052 Santiago Salazar”, reinterpreted through Groove, a smooth and friendly version for your ears.

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