Bats In Pool Vol. 1

Format: 12''   

Label: Dystant Recordings   Cat: DYST01

Cat: DYST01

Release date: 04/06/2021


Hay existencias

A Various Artists of two volumes characterized by the two side of the artist.:

(Vol.I Vinyl): A collective of artists who express with their “club” side:
Dark and liquid sonority from Stave-Karim Maas and Wrong Assessment, passing through the more solid and fast ones represented by The Extraverse and Magna Pia, Enigmatic arpeggios by Danilenko and an usual intro by Stanislav Tolkachev.

(Vol.II[Tape]): Founded by a non-dancefloor concept, representing the other side of the artists, the more experimental one, characterized by Ambient, I.D.M and Experimental sounds, through which we can manifest the differences and what less is shown by the artist. An unexpected side.

“The paradox, the best way to reveal to men a hidden truth”

Mastered by Coefficient (Pat Cooper), London

Artwork Handmade ctpoil by Stanislav Tolkachev

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