Blue Planet EP

Format: 12''   

Label: 3024   Cat: 3024-PUG1

Label: 3024

Cat: 3024-PUG1

Release date: 29/06/2020



Melbourne producer Pugilist hitting hard with a four track EP for these dark days.. As you may be used to by now on 3024, the artist showcases his wide ranging pallette of styles and flavors, and “Blue Planet” is no different. The title track is a slinky UKG informed dub roller reminiscent of early Shed. Acid Flange is a menacing 8am (or later) track for the deeper dancefloor or headphones. Pugilist’s collab with Tamen is on a uplifting dnb tip and as a digi only extra we have “Quick Fix”, a slinky Detroit electro piece.

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