Borderline Tenderness

Format: 12''   

Label: Veyl   Cat: VEYL022

Label: Veyl

Cat: VEYL022

Release date: 15/03/2021


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Berlin-via-Warsaw high roller of the new generation of techno VTSS aka Martyna Maja returns with a mesmerising 6-track EP titled ‘Borderline Tenderness’, this time from Berlin-Milan label VEYL run by Alex Knoblauch & Maenad Veyl.

Following a tremendously acclaimed collection of releases showcasing her fresh take on dance floor belters through Intrepid Skin, REPITCH, HAVEN and also featuring on KAOS, Monnom Black and Hellcat; this new record expands her horizons to different sides of her odd electronics as in ‘Woah’, while also giving a proper dose of her well-known craft to incorporate hardcore, EBM and acid influences on cheeky techno grooves.

Collaboration with friends and colleagues is key for VTSS in order to evolve. Consequently the EP includes a handful of features from the likes of LSDXOXO, contributing vocals on ‘Goin Nuts’, which is also available as a bonus instrumental version. As well, MOTZ boss Jasmine Azarian appears with spoken word on ‘To Whom All Lovers’ and the blazing ‘MDM508’ with Sonic Groove affiliate Crystal Geometry crown the record of a well-deserved head-bitch in charge.

Cover image taken out of the distinctive world of Tomaso Lisca.

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