Caused Corruption & Spilled Blood

Format: 12''   

Label: Voidance Records   Cat: VOIDANCE002


Release date: 14/05/2018


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Caused Corruption & Spilled Blood is a soundtrack to the tragic drama of humanity’s fatal flaws. Inspired by an anecdote shared across the Abrahamic faiths, the release is a meditation on humanity’s destructive
potential. It forces us to confront the ugly side of our nature and pose the question, were the angels right to fear our creation would cause corruption and spill blood?.

Same Script, No Solution provides one answer. The sonification of “Ordo ab Chao,” the opening track guides the listener through the process of public manipulation, providing a backtrack to the obstruction of the
truth for personal gain.

Third Degree Arson touches on humanity’s second vice: the affinity for intentional destruction. Is there hope against these demons of our own nature?.

No Divine Savior suggests not. If we cannot rely on divine intervention for our salvation, that leaves only ourselves to overpower our own vices.

Yet with the discord of the final track, Sects, the listener is reminded of the deep cultural fissures that keep us from doing so.

The Caused Corruption & Spilled Blood EP is a powerfully provocative examination of human nature, a compelling first release from the collaborative efforts of Chafik Chennouf & Katsunori Sawa.

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