Changing Habits

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Label: Strange Therapy   Cat: ST08

Cat: ST08

Release date: 26/09/2019


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Where Is Your Toughness Now (No Forgiveness) finds the listener surrounded by a sense of dread and imminent doom, a collection of shrilling glimpses and brooding ambiances, distant broken memories made sound and sudden disturbances. At the end of the track added piano notes will increase the creepiness, preparing us for what will come next. More More More More (Courting Insanity) dwells in deep power electronics territory, and we will find ourselves in a bleak sea of chaos and madness. Obsessive rhythmic patterns and majestic effects impose a robust march, evoking a mechanical world inside our vicious mind. Just when you think this is it an eerie melody complete the scenario. Breasts In Sight (Demand A Choice) surprises with delicate ambient synth sounds and crystalline atmospheres in a droning course, reaching after a while a stomping movement with martial innuendos and distorted kick drums. The listener finds himself in a complex mix of emotions underlined by melancholic notes and ominous soundscapes, perhaps showing us personal facts from the author’s life.

Lifestyle (After The Rise Comes The Fall) is a rhythmic noise affair with cinematic elements and abrasive atmospheres with suspended parts and heavily manipulated vocals. A nightmarish voyage into anarchic assaults and controlled darkness reaching orchestral greatness. Monogamy Rules (Not Belonging To Anyone) uses suspense as a device showcasing broken sounds and shrilling lines, conjuring an alarming sonic world for us. The tension grows as the highly cinematic crescendo reaches an industrial climax with sci-fi qualities. Inner thoughts and ideas become a compulsive soundtrack to the demise of our preconceptions and in-built credos, leaving us with a sense of uneasiness. The last track Masculine Norms (The Many Faces Of Manhood) drives the message home by the means of eerie soundscapes and cut-up sounds, giving us a crawling movement with sparse rhythms and soothing hidden melodies. Distant laments evoke a deeply disturbing portrait of struggle and mixed emotions.
released September 26, 2019

Written and produced by Dimitris Doukas,
All tracks mastered by Niumen Mastering
Words by Davide Pappalardo
Strange Therapy, Amsterdam | ST008

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