Cluster Syndrome

Format: 12''   

Label: Planet X   Cat: PX006

Label: Planet X

Cat: PX006

Release date: 05/08/2021


Hay existencias

After successful releases on labels such as Bpitch, Mord and Blueprint, the Colombian techno phenomenon Gotshell debuts on the Planet X label with two bangers – and features remixes from two of the most inspiring techno producers at the moment. There‘s a lot to be excited about with this one.

The release begins with the title track Cluster, a hard-hitting spacey techno wonder. High-pitch sirens travel around the speakers and infiltrate your senses – like an ancient gaseous alien lifeform in search of a carbon-based lifeform. Hypnotic and hard. The one of the more prolific techno producers today and the mastermind behind the SK_Eleven label, Setaoc Mass, turns the title track into a molecule-rearranging thumping floor-filler.

The B-side starts with Syndrome. Its earth-shattering kick and hypnotic atmospheres drag the listening into a weird, occult journey. Ideal for the late-night darkrooms, metaphorically and figuratively. Takaaki Itoh, the Japanese techno sensation and founder of the acclaimed Wols label, follows up with his own rendition of the track. The remix from this remarkable legend within the scene is both eerie and engaging from the get-go. Its driven by a thumping kick, playful hi-hats and modular bells – a combination that combines the whole release and makes it such an essential for DJs who are daring enough to take their set toward an unknown territory.

The Planet X label is the brainchild of the Icelandic techno artist Exos where the more harder side of techno is explored.

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