Cybernautics EP

Format: 12''   

Label: Frigio Records   Cat: FRV-007

Cat: FRV-007

Release date: 04/06/2012



Rhythm music and dance is one of the only common pastimes of all humankind around the globe for all of time as we know it. It is one of the only common ceremonies to be used by all different beliefs and cultures. Even now some of the most unaffected tribes in the most remote areas of the globe use rhythm and dance for recreation and for the most important ceremonies. One could even say music and rhythm is the key to reaching the subconsciousness. Let i-land beats rhythm and music take you on a journey and remove all the barriers in your mind and bring peace and love to all of mankind and we can all dance together as one.

Frigio presents Cybernautics ep by I-LAND BEAT (Isle of Wight, UK). This is his first release under this name but a few years back we release a track from him “Mute City” under his other alias Lektroluxe on Frigio 01.

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