Deba Bōchō

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Label: Strange Therapy   Cat: ST02

Cat: ST02

Release date: 08/02/2018



It’s time for your next treatment. The latest strange therapy session, led by Tomohiko Sagae, guarantees to break through your blood-brain barrier immediately after entering your ears. His Deba Bōchō EP is a brain damaging mind cracker, packed with five tremendous tracks.

DB#1 kicks off the session with pulverizing power. Beams of nerve wrecking noise crash into you. Grinding and screeching, slowly flowing up and down, this one clears your head of every last bit of clarity and sanity.
DB#2 marches onwards with mechanical mayhem. The steam-powered mechanism propels itself with distortion. Get rolled over and beaten down by a gabber’esque flurry of punching and pounding, crushing all matter it comes across.
Operant remixed DB#2 into an evenly intriguing piece. The steam makes place for electricity. Twisted vocals like ghosts stuck in the circuitry peek above the static-drenched, rhythmic layers. It keeps on kicking, surging with low-end energy.

DB#3 hits harder than the heaviest machinery. A distortion-tipped drill digs deeper and deeper, eradicating everything in its path. Metallic hammering and system shattering sounds lay bare the core of crude craftsmanship.
Stave’s remix of DB#3 works like a tension building sharp-shooter. Stripped down of excess energy, it stutters onward, grabbing you tight in bursts of beats like a Gatling gun. It’s a straight up skull shaker

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