Format: 12''   

Label: Subsist records   Cat: SUB-07

Cat: SUB-07

Release date: 23/10/2019



10 years have already passed since that first incursion of Subsist Records in the music scene, and on the occasion of it celebrates its 10 years in active with its great bet for this 2019. Decade is undoubtedly the biggest challenge for Subsist Records this year. To the long list of names that appear in the catalogue of the Valencian label must now be added that of Oscar Mulero, who heads this EP with ‘Returning Wheel’, first cut of A-side in which the Madrid-born musician exhibits a mental techno very much in keeping with his usual style. bmbmbmbm’ is the track that completes the A side, this second track is in charge of Shxcxchcxsh, syncopated techno of alterable metric with the peculiar signature of this duo of Scandinavian producers.

Stanislav Tolkachev opens B-side with ‘Autopoiesis’, a psychotic techno with dissonant harmonies. It is followed by 180905_2377, a Group track with a dark background, with distant elements and inverted voices that give it mysticism. The Italian Beat Movement close this B-side with ‘Behind The Wall’, a dense techno full of brilliant motifs. Decade concludes with a second version of ‘Returning Wheel’ as a bonus track.

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