Desplazamiento Al Rojo

Format: 10''   Lathe Cut / Clear

Label: ANAØH   Cat: ANA002LTD

Label: ANAØH

Cat: ANA002LTD

Release date: 21/12/2020


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Desplazamiento al Rojo’ (Redshift) is a sound work inspired by the physical phenomenon that occurs when the radiation of light that is emitted or reflected by an object increases in wavelength. Although this applies to celestial objects, its foundation can be associated with acoustic phenomena, such as the Doppler effect, where there’s a change in the perceived frequency of sound waves when the source moves relative to the observer.

The main track of this sound work is based on a solid and pounding groove, covered by a series of hypnotic tones with wide and evolving soundscapes with a sci-fi vibe. Two ambient pieces complement this release with a vision focused on soundscapes that reflect the spectral displacements during the expansion of space and the dilation of time with interaction of harmonic and inharmonic frequencies. To close the release, the track ‘Desplazamiento al Rojo’ has been masterfully remixed by Mike Storm, impregnating its distinctive sound to give the final touch to this reference.

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