Dimension Mix 01

Format: 12''   

Label: Artificial Dance   Cat: AD004

Cat: AD004

Release date: 01/09/2018


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Having previously released some rare solo material from Ende Shneafliet member Hanjo Erkamp AKA Dr. C. Stein, Artificial Dance is now serving up something special from the cult Dutch minimal wave band’s lesser-known side project, King Ende Shneafliet.

Adding “King” to their name in honour of original dub maestro King Tubby, King Ende Shneafliet produced far more experimental and out-there material than their better-known big brother. They released their first cassette, Dimension Mix Chapter I in 1981 via cult label Trumpett, with batches of follow-up material trickling out on various obscure tapes and later CD-Rs up to the year 2000.

Artificial Dance’s first dip into the Dimension Mix archives – a second vinyl volume will follow later in the year – features selections from Chapter II (1999), which was originally recorded between 1981 and ’88. The magical, mind-altering music is raw, lo-fi, spaced-out and forward-thinking, combining effects-laden, sample-heavy sound collages and reverberating ambient soundscapes with pulsating proto-electro jams, moody minimal wave instrumentals and kosmiche-influenced throw-downs. It effectively joins the dots between early-80s, DIY electronic exploration and dub soundsystem culture.

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