Dimensional EP

Format: 12''   

Label: Transmat   Cat: MS085

Label: Transmat

Cat: MS085

Release date: 01/09/2019



Hester’s music is for dancers, for lovers of rhythm and those who like to lose themselves in the beauty of a synth that speaks to the soul. His latest musical story kicks off with ‘Dimension Seven’, a forceful journey to the cosmos, with a lead synth that twists and turns to bring untold cosmic drama. ‘Return’ keeps up the pace as you come up through the clouds, with serene pads coming direct from the heavens to your heart, and accented drums reminding you of the sleek, futuristic roots of techno. Lastly, ‘Onward’ showcases Hester’s peerless drum programming as his cantering kicks carry you away beneath astral night skies. Timeless and evocative, this is music that encourages you to dream while giving yourself over to the groove.

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