Disco Tantra

Format: 12''   

Label: Discos Atónicos   Cat: DATOTR01


Release date: 27/09/2019



a new series on Discos Atónicos devoted to less frantic and more reflective sounds: (The) Tantra Series.
The first volume titled “Disco Tantra” comes from the hand of artificiero, who delivers another brilliant work of industrial electronics and esoteric atmospheres. As the icing on the cake we find to the mighty Esplendor Geométrico on the remix duties. Don’t miss it.
“The album, as it is declared in its unambiguous title, is an attempt to marry club culture with esoteric vibes I’m very fond of. In other words, to connect body and mind, flesh and spirit. This goal, nevertheless, has to be put in perspective. We are speaking of music with a (smaller or bigger) hedonistic component, so let’s not be too serious. At the same time, let’s not be too frivolous. The path that goes upwards also goes downwards at the same time.
I started to work intermitently in this album a couple of years ago. From back then is “Mi lado oscuro es el que más brilla” (“My dark side is the brightest”), the oldest track of the bunch, composed soon after “Masa negra” was released. It fully exemplifies the aim: dance beats, slowed down tempo, no melody to stick in your brain, a no-hurry approach and, on top of that, sounds and drones which appeal to (let’s say) alternative states of conciousness.
“Metal volante” (“Flying metal”) came chronologically after that. It follows the steps of the former track, albeit with a shorter, darker, more techno-oriented presentation. It’s also a bit more up-tempo. But, to me, that doesn’t make any difference. As a musician who also plays in a rock band, my view is Music is only one, no matter which shape it takes to come into being.
The third track is called “Sol Invicto” (“Sol Invictus”), named after the festivities which used to take place in Ancient Rome on the winter solstice. From that date (which marks the longest night of the year) on, the sun starts to regain its throne against darkness. For this very reason, Christianity placed the myth of the birth of Jesus on this date. Therefore, for the track I used vocal samples taken from a version of “Silent Night” sung by a Bulgarian choir, and with its title gave back the meaning of the myth to its origins.
“Carbomedic nº 25” is the brand and model of my artificial cardiac valve (that makes me a bionic man). I had tried to use that title several times in different projects, but for some reasons never seemed appropriate. Until, messing around with a reverb plugin, I came accross the ominous sound that you can hear at the beginning of the track, which reminded me of the sound of an echocardiogram. And then everything clicked. It can be seen for some people as a happy accident, but for some others (including me) it is evidence of the power of subconscious.
The title track has its origins in an improvisation I used to make live as a coda for “El sendero de la mano izquierda” (“The Left Hand Path”), included in “Masa negra”. It’s a deliberately chaotic, trance-like attemp to reproduce the aural components of non-ordinary states of conciousness. Maybe this is the reason (this is a guess) why it’s the track picked by the mighty Esplendor Geométrico to remix and end the album. Significantly, I find their lecture of my track both accurate and heavily theirs simultaneously, which proves, again, that apparent contradictions aren’t so if we are able to see a bigger picture than our narrow mind usually do.”

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