Format: 12''   Transparent

Label: Struktur   Cat: STRUKV002

Label: Struktur

Cat: STRUKV002

Release date: 01/10/2019


Hay existencias

Sebastian Heda’s new EP is a auditory glimpse into the insides of the
haywired central nervous system of a man machine. The opener DISSOLUTION takes no prisoners and sets the direction for this exploration in modular-made attacks from a dystopian future. Followed by no less than two great remixes by ARCHITEKTUR and CAREMAJOR. The next and eponymous track CV GUERILLA is at arms and aims at you with relentless, percussive drum fire and another well executed version by ENDLEC. Finally you get short bursts of radio traffic from a RANDOM SOURCE, leaving nothing but silence and a big grin on your face.

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