Donny's Groove

Format: 12''   

Label: Warehouse Music   Cat: WM005

Cat: WM005

Release date: 05/09/2018



since the inception of Warehouse Music, Mella Dee has continued to raise the bar and roof with his bold, high energy music. Up next on the label is Donny’s Groove EP, with three exquisite belters, set to tear the warehouse down once again. Title track Donny’s Groove is rooted by a funk-laden loop, supported by his signature pumping drum arrangement. A vocal hook adds colour during each breakdown and intensifies the track towards each respective drop. Up next is DG Redux, with a hefty looped bassline, it’s a cool, zonal revision of the first offering. Concluding the EP is The Sound; a fast-paced disco-infused assault that’ll send any dancefloor into a delightfully sweaty mess.

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