DWP - Spirography

Format: 12''   Multicolour

Label: Mai Lei Bel   Cat: MAI8

Cat: MAI8

Release date: 08/05/2022


Hay existencias

Petr Ullmann, the only member of the DWP (Down And Up) project, is a classically trained musician, composer and producer from Prague, Czech Republic. Despite his strong background and roots in the local synth-pop and EBM scene of the 90’s, he is coming with his solo debut “Spirography”, a 4-track EP only now, in 2022.

After a 10-year break from making any music. Now more subtle and soundscape-oriented, but still on dancey side, also influenced by Drum & Bass, Trip Hop or IDM. By collecting and using a diverse range of natural samples, he creates his moody melodies, always playing with a various atmospheres.
A pile of trippy and bassy synths, happy highs, deepy lows with bright lights, hidden and late rooms, all ending in one big madness. “Life is hard and full of polygons which someone has to pilot.”

This is “Spirography” by DWP.

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