El Cubano EP

Format: 12''   

Label: Moustache Records   Cat: MST039

Cat: MST039

Release date: 01/01/1970



Moustache Records 039 is made by a Moustache brother from the first hour “El Cubano” Danny Daze. This obscure techno acid electro EP contains 4 dark Club bangers for the floor. A1 Trumpet track ft. Johnny Superglu is the EP action starter. Crazy Loud Kick drums, a distorted trumpet played by the notorious Johnny Superglu on Acid. Retard synths, a dark vocoder shout and topped off with razor sharp snares. A2 track is called “Late night snack” a song about a boy on its way to the nightstore to get a coca cola. There he lost his way on LSD around the corner of his own house, a pure club banger with weird kiddo lunatic samples. B1 “Wandering aimlessly in NY for 4 hours” 4×4 monotonous building up acid tune. Do you remember that waiting before that new space journey? B2 is the EP tittle track “El Cubano” pure raw oldskool bunker strobo acid with robot vocoder voices and rolling drum section. Mentalism is not a crime!

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