Elemento Deserto - La Hora Maldita LP

Format: 12''   White Vinyl

Label: Mai Lei Bel   Cat: LEI6

Cat: LEI6

Release date: 25/03/2022


Hay existencias

“La Hora Maldita” contains 10 songs, including recently released singles “Antonio Demonio”, “(Ya Está Aquí) Lo Malo” and “El Mambo Del Ansia”.
For the first time in the band’s history, the entire album was recorded without any time pressure, in an almost “back room” studio in Benalúa de Guadix. All the songs are sung in their native Spanish and at first hearing they bring a clearer, more airy and relaxed sound than before. They may seem more like “pop” (ok, pop in their own, Elemento’s very special way) than rock, but they certainly contain more elaborate vocal harmonies and richer arrangements. As a whole, however, the album is still an example of strong modern psychedelia.

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