Els Guardians Dels Meus Pensaments

Format: Cassette   

Label: Fill-lex Records   Cat: FLCS-10

Cat: FLCS-10

Release date: 17/05/2021


Hay existencias

Fill-Lex Records is eternally pleased to present on its 10th cassette release, the first full-length from one of the Catalan artists it has been following for the longest time. His name, Dark Vektor, is well known in the Spanish electro scene, as he has been active since 2001, being one of the biggest names in the genre. In “Els Guardians dels meus pensaments”, the artist shows us his most intimate side with tracks that have emerged from within him at various stages of his career. A timeless album that seeks to delve into the diversities of the genre, from tracks with an electro closer to IDM like “Galaxias”, which will transport you to other planets, or “Home 2.0” experimenting with sounds close to synthwave or retrowave with a melody that will linger in your head from the first time you listen to it. Never leaving aside his essence with rhythmic and combative bases, giving way to marked steps in a combination of dark and melancholic sounds, with a taste that few artists can reproduce in this way, in tracks like “Aural”, “S3R0S” and “Battle of Orion II”.

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