Format: 12''   

Label: Vanta Series   Cat: VANTA002

Cat: VANTA002

Release date: 22/09/2016



Vanta Series is the new series for Killekill’s dancefloor music. The releases come in series, every series comes with a theme and one artwork which is being split in several parts to go with each release. The first series is called “THE END IS NEAR” and features four records. It comes with an artwork by French visual artist Elzo Durt.
The second record is coming from KAMIKAZE SPACE PROGRAMME, who delivers three types of tracks:
Type 1 – a nervous piece of bells, percussion and bass
Type 2 – a minimalistic techno night drive
Type 3 – a spacious futuristic soundscape
Type 3 comes with a remix by JoeFarr, who added some drama to the original and therewith created a proper hit for the darker hours.

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