Endless Suburb

Format: Cassette   + 60 Pages Special Magazine

Label: Industrial Complexx   Cat: IC016

Cat: IC016

Release date: 19/07/2021


Hay existencias

German Army/GeAr – Endless Suburb (Cassette + 60 pages special magazine about German Army)
This is the story of a musical project that emerges with informative purpose. German Army work is not only about something recreational, its message is profound, it is an appeal to this whole society that lives quietly without questioning the health of our planet and of those who continually suffer collateral damage resulting from political or racial conflict.
German Army has always worked anonymously and will continue to keep his identity hidden. For this reason, from Industrial Complexx we offer their followers, and all those who wish to know how the mind of this North American project works, a pack that combines their music and a book that gathers all the concerns and secrets of German Army.
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