Ephëmeros EP

Format: 12''   

Label: Koryu Budo Records   Cat: KORYU004

Cat: KORYU004

Release date: 02/03/2020



Warriors are at the edge of humanity. They only exist because we feed them with our anger and our frustrations. Warriors feed off our rules and regulations. They distribute our hate and make it look passionate and useful.

Warriors don`t understand flags or anything else. They do not belong to you or me, to your country or to anybody else´s country. They have a purpose of destruction, and that´s what they follow.

A warrior in sound maybe follows the same path. He does not belong to any metrics or trends. They are natural sound explorers; they come, take and destroy what others created in order to rebuild something else. Something that gives us the new, or the feeeling of a new path. Sounds create a wall that move us inside, that makes our blood run faster, deeper; creating a dream of calm or a calmless field where we could step in whenever we are ready.

Ephëmeros brings the idea of a warrior, a limited one, a time limited warrior, the one who knows he is going to die inside the heads of the listeners.

Ephëmeros brings and gives away an array of industrial corrosive percussions, together with the sound of the time passing by, ending, drowning in mercury waters.

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