Format: 12''   

Label: Hedonic Reversal   Cat: HEDREV00004

Cat: HEDREV00004

Release date: 05/04/2019


Hay existencias

From the physical transformation of organic elements that melt generating new textures, Espleni is created. Fragmented into nine pieces, it starts with an inmersive melody starting a route without return where you can explore frozen territories of heavy structures. This reflects the union between body and raw material, an interest that was already glimpsed in its first release with Bestiarie (2015). The distortion of organic sounds arrives to wide landscapes of noise, sometimes moderated and in others uncontrolled. Noises that are juxtaposed in a constant dialogue until its definitive bifurcation.

This project starts from the recording of everyday sounds that surround the author, using a Zoom H5 recorder, with which he later experiments, manipulating and gathering them until creating a musically harmonic composition.

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