Format: 12''   

Label: Urubu Tapes   Cat: UUU016

Cat: UUU016

Release date: 15/09/2018


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C33, professionally dubbed cassette, includes a 20 page zine and a silkscreen poster in sealed bag. Limited to 99 copies.

“Solemn and mechanical, this new release by french artist Damas Prospect blends hostile languages in a contemplative journey to an abstract outside, combining oppressive rhythmic sequences under disguise, a vigilant clearness, an apocalyptic lucidity.

The narrative cohesion gives it a soundtrack-ish vibe, the grandeur of a distant memory of bodily collisions and shattered nostalgia.

Features a 20 page zine and a poster with artworks by A. Trindade that visually complement this ahistorical ever present rumination, a hermetic temple where stone statues dilute in metallic skies and rusty starships invoke ancient gods.”

Text by Manuel Pereira

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