Extravagant Traveller

Format: Cassette   

Label: ANAØH   Cat: ANALTD003CA

Label: ANAØH


Release date: 14/06/2021


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We have invited Albert Chiovenda to give continuity to our series of releases in cassette and digital format, under this interesting series in which we previously published the Portugues CRAVO last February, On this occasion the Sydney native has worked for a total of 6 tracks that make up the ‘A’ side of this work taken from the future, entitled ‘Extravagant Traveler’ Composed of complex FM synthesis exercises, classical percussions and environments from another Galaxy, covering a wide spectrum of sound intentions, ranging from melancholic to sonorous violent .
Chiovenda has been doing a variety of serious, interesting and cutting edge work over the past few years, with major label releases and collaborations with artists like Stanislav Tolkachev.

In this second edition as we did in the first, we have decided to invite great artists to remix the original tracks on the ‘B’ side Border One, Viels, Inigo Kennedy, Divide and Alex Dolby are artists and friends that we deeply love and admire. And they have done a wonderful job that we are very excited about. Each of them has captured his personal approach to the original track obtaining incredible results.

We hope that the result of this release is totally to the liking of each one of the listeners, it has been prepared with much love and respect by all those involved for you.

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