Facing The Absurd

Format: 12''   

Label: Voidance Records   Cat: VOIDANCE005


Release date: 31/05/2021



With this extreme sound statement titled ‘Facing The Absurd’, Nekyia and FossaDelRumore aimed to express a common point of view on what we all call reality, probably a standpoint shaped by their life in the magnificent yet creatively arid city of Firenze, while experimenting with sound as they have always been doing during their long-lived collaboration. Let’s face the irrationality of things, the lack of meaning of an alienating life, the limits of human condition; and let’s embrace this condition with a new inner quiet, shifting the focus on the beauty around and within us, with perception as a source of inspiration and personal improvement. The chase of a chimerical meaning keeps still making perfectly sense for us as transient individuals. ‘Facing The Absurd’ is a dark collection of absurdist theories written through the meeting of modular noise, post-industrial and bass music-infused techno explorations, with a multi-tempo improvisational approach and subtle tributes to extreme music scenes.

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