Fact Or Fiction

Format: 12''   

Label: Gladio Operations   Cat: GO004

Cat: GO004

Release date: 09/12/2021


Hay existencias

Gladio Operations is back with a new release, their first to appear in 2021.
On this occasion the UHF duo reactivate with this EP titled “Fact or Fiction”, a body of work in which we once again discover different styles in their productions, something that is becoming a characteristic of the Spanish duo.

This EP opens with the track “Fact Or Fiction”, also the title of the EP, and where UHF gifts us with a steamroller of a track, with vertiginous drops and well accompanied by a masterful remix by the Romanian producer Andrew Red Hand, which converts it into a more emotional piece and highly influenced by the Detroit sound.

On the B side we encounter “Morning Glory”, a more atmospheric and enveloping cut,
accompanied by a fantastic 303-scented bass line. This track comes with another great
remix, this time by the French producer Jauzas The Shining, where he unveils a darker and deeper vision than the original cut.

The EP ends with “Like Bad At Things” a theme similar to IDM style, with an effective
mix of dark textures and melancholic melodies.

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